ADHD Intensive

ADHD Intensive

Welcome to the ADHD Intensive, a 5-week program of learning and support that will transform the way you look at ADHD and the ways you approach the people in your life who have ADHD.

Welcome to the ADHD Intensive!

Module 1: ADHD Basics

In this module, we lay the groundwork for understanding what the latest research says about the truths, myths, signs, and causes of ADHD.


1.1 – Truths, Myths, Signs, and Causes 1.2 – Week 1 Live Chat Info and Recording

Module 2: How to Help Your Child Focus

In this module, we will explore the most effective strategies for increasing focus in kids with ADHD.


2.1 – Increasing focus with ADHD 2.2 – Week 2 Live Chat Info & Recording

Module 3: Organization and Executive Function

People with ADHD are not born with strong organizational skills but they can be taught. This module will help you understand what is going on behind the scenes in your disorganized child and outline a variety of strategies for teaching organization, also known as executive function.


3.1 – Teaching Organization 3.2 – Week 3 Live Chat & Recording

Module 4: School and Learning Helps

How does this translate into the everyday learning environment? This module will fill your toolbox with proven methods to make learning more efficient and enjoyable.


4.1 – School and Learning Helps 4.2 – Week 4 Live Chat & Recording

Module 5: Social and Emotional Issues (Available February 28th)

People with ADHD are more sensitive and can be prone to negativity and even depression. They can also struggle in social situations. This module will help you understand your child better and provide strategies for improving both social and emotional skills.


5.1 – Social and Emotional Helps 5.2 Week 5 Live Chat & Recording