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Teaching math facts in our house full of creative, active kids has been a challenge since we started homeschooling 20 years ago!  I am always on the look out for fun ways to help our kids to learn about math and practice their math facts in a way that is engaging and meaningful.

Online Math Practice iPracticeMath

I was compensated financially for my time to review of this product.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.

We were recently introduced to iPracticeMath.com, a free online, comprehensive math website dedicated to not only practicing math facts but helping kids grow in their conceptual understanding of math. 

Free Online Math Practice

The iPractceMath.com website is divided into the following categories:

Math Practice:  provides math practice pages for everything from basic addition to Statistics and Algebra

Learn:  Descriptions and examples of math concepts from Basic Math, Consumer Math to Statistics and Calculus

Online Math Practice

Worksheets:  Completed online or printed and completed at another time, and covering:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplcation
  • Division
  • Rounding
  • Algebra
  • Time
  • Decimal
  • Fractions and,
  • Number Sense

free online math practice

Reports:  iPracticeMath.com keeps track of all of your kids’ progress so that parents can easily login and see, not only what they are doing, but how many problems they attempted and how many problems they missed. 

Awards: In an effort to reward students for their work, iPracticeMath.com provides awards certificates that can be printed and hung in the child’s room for motivation. 

Our Experience With iPracticeMath.com

We have a wide range of ages and abilities in our home at this time, including:

  • 2 kids finishing Algebra,
  • one 6th grader,
  • one 5th grader,
  • one 2nd grader and
  • a preschooler

The iPracticeMath.com site was useful for all of them except the preschooler.  My 2nd grader needed me to sit with him while he did his math practice but he found the novelty of working on the computer to be very motivating.  He also loved having his very own certificate!

Our 5th and 6th grade students were able to use a wide variety of the practice sheets for review of math concepts that they have learned but with which they needed more practice. 

Online Math Practice 5

One of my high schoolers, who shall remain nameless, is always asking for real-life examples of Algebra.  iPracticeMath.com has you covered!  Under the ‘Learn’ heading, there is even a section with several easy-to-understand examples of Algebra in Everyday Life. 

Math Practice Review1

Several of our kids, who have dyscalculia, have really struggled with math.  These kids just tend to lack number sense.  I was pretty excited to see that iPracticeMath.com has an entire Math Practice category for Number Sense. 

For example, the Number Sense Category provides worksheets, lessons (teaching the concepts) and skill practice options for everything from:

  • converting words to numbers
  • prime numbers
  • factorials
  • divisibility rules
  • integers

iPracticeMath.com has so many topics, our kids were easily able to tailor their practice to exactly what they needed to learn.  There are no bells and whistles in this program just clean, easy to use, interface with lots of opportunities to practice just what your kids need to learn.

online math practice

Work problems right on the screen with the scrapbook option.

Get Started With iPracticeMath.com

To start your free membership as a homeschooling parent, visit the iPracticeMath.com Registration Page.  You can also keep up with iPracticeMath.com via social media:




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What tools do you use in your homeschool to teach math?


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