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Making the choice to homeschool your children with dyslexia is one of the most important decisions you will make. Homeschooling kids with dyslexia (and ADHD) gives them the freedom to learn at their unique pace with methods that work, free from comparison to a classroom of traditional learners and being misunderstood by teachers with little to no training in learning differences.

Still, it is a big responsibility with many decisions to make:

  • Which methods will work with my struggling learner?
  • Which homeschool curricula are best?
  • Do you need an IEP or 504 plan?
  • What are the legalities of your state?
  • How do I navigate requirements, especially in high school?

I created the Getting Started Homeschooling Master Class Master Bundle to help parents find their footing as they navigate the many questions and concerns they may have about giving their families the best educational experience possible.

The Getting Started Homeschooling Master Bundle includes:

The Getting Started Homeschooling Kids With Learning Difficulties Master Class ($37 value)

The Master Class includes one hour of video teaching, a downloadable audio file, a note-taking PDF, my 50-page Dyslexia-Friendly Curriculum Guide, and a getting started checklist.

Hardcopies of all three of Marianne Sunderland’s books: ($50 value)

  1. Dyslexia 101: Truths, Myths, and What Really Works: This is a parent’s quick-start guide to understanding dyslexia and how it affects learning. 
  2. What is Dyslexia? A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Kids About Dyslexia: Helping kids to understand their dyslexia is incredibly important. This book walks you through how to teach your kids with dyslexia what they may be experiencing, what they may be feeling, and the strengths of dyslexia that they may recognize in themselves.
  3. No More School: Meeting the Educational Needs of Kids With Dyslexia and Language-Based Learning Differences: Marianne’s latest book encourages parents who may feel pressure to make their kids fit into the box of traditional education by deconstructing the traditional school system and its inherent faults and reimagining an education that meets their real needs. 

A 1-hour one-on-one consult with Marianne ($150 value)

Talk with Marianne on the phone or over video chat and get your specific questions answered. This is a great way to get the individualized information you need. Should I hire a tutor? My child is shutting down to learning. What do I do? What about testing? Should I hold my child back? How do I balance all of my different children’s needs? I’m not sure I can do this! Marianne has been homeschooling for nearly 30 years and has the insight and experience to help you navigate the needs of your unique homeschool. 

All three levels of the Homeschool Essentials Courses: Elementary, Middle school, and High School ($125 value)

The Homeschool Essentials Courses were created to share what Marianne wishes all parents knew about homeschooling their kids with dyslexia.

Kids who learn differently need to be taught differently! The Homeschool Essentials Courses will help you to know what to expect, how to teach, how to overcome obstacles, and how to plan and prioritize for your unique family’s needs.


The Getting Started Homeschooling MASTER Bundle is ideal for the family with several children with varying needs who wants individualized support to organize their homeschool. Get your questions answered and feel confident to teach your struggling learners at home.


The Getting Started Homeschooling MASTER Bundle is a $387 value for $250. Save 35%.


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