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Parents often lack direction when it comes to teaching life skills to their kids.

We talk a lot about curriculum over on the Homeschooling With Dyslexia web site and blog. Choosing just the right curriculum that works best with our kids’ unique learning ability is one of the biggest reasons for homeschooling them in the first place!

One thing that can be really difficult when homeschooling kids with learning struggles is making time for subjects other than the basics. Teaching reading, spelling, and math to several children can take a good chunk of the day as well as the bulk of mom’s energy!

One area that we have consistently dropped the ball is in teaching life skills.

Can anyone else relate?

How many of you have taken the time to teach financial skills like making and maintaining a budget, kitchen skills like reading a recipe, automobile upkeep like checking fluid levels or changing a tire, first aid, health and wellness, manners and etiquette, housekeeping, outdoor survival skills, hygiene, childcare, gardening…or is it just me?

I often tell parents to focus on the core subjects while their struggling learners are gaining mastery, but life skills are important as well. In fact, life skills are often an area where our kids excel – if given the opportunity.

That’s why I was so excited when I learned that a friend and fellow homeschool blogger (with kids with learning struggles) created a brand new homeschool program for busy homeschool families to teach life skills.

It is called Skill Trek and it is a web-based, hands-on, life skills curriculum that contains over 500 lessons for students ages preschool through young adult. Yes, it is perfect for your entire family.

Categories include health and wellness, first aid, financial literacy, technology, manners and etiquette, housekeeping, maintenance, outdoor survival techniques, hygiene, childcare, gardening, crafts, and more.

New content will be added regularly to tie in with current events and holidays.

One thing I really love about Skill Trek is that it is written by the parents of 7 children, including children with special needs who wanted to provide a tool for their own family and have used the curriculum for the last several months with success.

It provides skills from the playground to the workplace and everything in between.

Life skills are one of the greatest gifts you can give your children…and Skill Trek makes it easy.

Why Skill Trek Has Worked for our Family

It only takes a few minutes for me to administrate each week. My kids log in to their account, find their next skill to master, and get busy.

My kids’ enthusiasm for each life skill motivated them to be independent. There is something about doing ‘adult’ things like mailing packages, planning a menu, or making a purchase at a store on your own that are innately interesting to kids.

It was enjoyable to teach. Unlike when kids come to me asking for help to solve for the dreaded ‘x’, when kids come to me asking me for help in better helping ME, I am a happy mama!

Every new skill my kids learned took a load off of my shoulders. My kids are empowered by their ability to learn these life skills and are both willing and able to help me more.

Visit the Skill Trek web site for more information and to order.

Parents often lack direction when it comes to teaching life skills to their kids. #lifeskills #parenting #lifeskillsforteens


  1. Chy

    The link to Skill Trek isn’t valid. Are they still available?

    • Dave Larsen

      It is still available. -Dave (from SkillTrek)

  2. Diana Burns

    I would like to talk to someone re: some questions that I have.
    Thank you,


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