Course 7: Teaching Writing to Kids With Dysgraphia


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Do you have a child who is bright but struggles unexpectedly with handwriting?

It could be dysgraphia.

Common signs of dysgraphia are:

  • tight, awkward pencil grip and body position
  • avoiding writing or drawing tasks
  • trouble forming letter shapes
  • inconsistent spacing between letters or words
  • uses a mixture of upper and lowercase letters
  • tires quickly while writing
  • illegible handwriting
  • omitting or not finishing words in sentences
  • trouble organizing thoughts on paper
  • difficulty with syntax structure and grammar

Find the Help Your Child With Dysgraphia Needs

The way to help your child to become a competent writer is:

  1. to understand what dysgraphia is
  2. learn what causes dysgraphia
  3. learn proven methods for teaching, and mastering handwriting

You will find all of that in this course.

Here’s How It All Works

Once you purchase a course, you will create a login username and password so that you can have access to the course at any time.

This online parent course comes to you in both video and audio formats.  All of our courses include a printable outline for note taking and a downloadable audio recording of the class.  You can listen any time, anywhere (and your spouse can listen too.)

We are also offering support in a private Facebook group for class attendees only.

This course is based on research-based methods of teaching students with dysgraphia and a plethora of my own unique, personal experience.  This is an opportunity for you to learn what has taken me many years to learn – how to teach dysgraphic kids so that they can learn and thrive with tips and strategies along the way.

You could use trial and error to learn what this class will teach you or you can sign up and get started on the right path today


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