Course 8: Teaching Math to Kids With Dyscalculia


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Do you have a child who is bright but struggles unexpectedly with math?

It could be dyscalculia.

Common signs of dyscalculia are difficulties with:

  • understanding concepts of place value, and quantity, number lines, positive and negative value, carrying and borrowing
  • understanding and doing word problems
  • sequencing information or events
  • using steps involved in math operations
  • understanding fractions
  • making change and handling money
  • recognizing patterns when adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing
  • understanding concepts related to time such as days, weeks, months, seasons, quarters, etc.
  • organizing problems on the page, keeping numbers lined up, following through on long division problems

Find the Help Your Child With Dyscalculia Needs

In this online parent course you will learn:

  1. Why some kids struggle unexpectedly with math.
  2. What signs you may be seeing.
  3. The four underlying weaknesses that kids with dyscalculia have and the connection between dyslexia and dyscalculia and other learning difficulties.
  4. Simple teaching strategies and effective activities that can be done at home to help all students develop better math sense.


Here’s How It All Works

This is an online class.  Nothing will be shipped to you.

Once you purchase a course, you will create a login username and password so that you can have access to the course at any time.

This online parent course comes to you in both video and audio formats.  All of our courses include a printable outline for note taking and a downloadable audio recording of the class.  You can listen any time, anywhere (and your spouse can listen too.)

We are also offering support in a private Facebook group for class attendees only.

This course is based on research-based methods of teaching students with dyscalculia and a plethora of my own unique, personal experience.  This is an opportunity for you to learn what has taken me many years to learn – how to teach kids with dyscalculia so that they can learn and thrive with tips and strategies along the way.

You could use trial and error to learn what this class will teach you or you can sign up and get started on the right path today!


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