Homeschool High School Success

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The Homeschool High School Success Coaching Group is a unique opportunity to work in a small group setting side-by-side with Marianne for 10 weeks to create a success plan for your outside-the-box high school student.

10 Weekly Teachings include:

  1. The real skills that research says equip individuals for success and how to teach them to your teens.
  2. The different paths for after high school and how to know which one is right for your child.
  3. How to handle giving credit for subjects where our kids aren’t at ‘grade level’.
  4. How to motivate teens and avoid both attitudes and discouragement.
  5. How to teach kids to be independent learners.
  6. Learn non-traditional high school options that work better with your child.
  7. How to translate a non-traditional education into transcripts that get your kids into college.
  8. How to prepare your child for college or trade school success
  9. How to find the right college or program for learning after high school
  10. Finding financial aid for post high school education

Bonuses include:

  1. Guide to Creating Custom Transcripts
  2. Guide to Getting Accommodations on the SAT and ACT College Entrance Exams
  3. Guide to Assigning Grades to Kids Not Working at Grade Level
  4. College Readiness Checklist
  5. Teaching Teens to Self-Advocate
  6. The Complete Guide to Deschooling Your Teenager

This live coaching group begins on Wednesday, March 22nd at 12:00PM Pacific and meets each Wednesday (skipping Wednesday, April 5th for Spring Break). Our final meeting will be Wednesday, May 31st.

Each teaching is approximately 1-hour with 1-hour for Q & A afterwards.

All meetings are recorded and housed in a private online portal where you will have unlimited access to go back and review as needed.

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