Course 5: Teaching Spelling From Remediation to Accommodation


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Ah, spelling. If you’re like most parents raising or teaching a dyslexic child, understanding how to teach them to spell and spell well is something that has eluded you. While many dyslexic learners achieve a reasonable standard of reading, almost all dyslexics continue to struggle with spelling throughout their lives. From a practical standpoint, there are two prongs to teaching your dyslexic child to read: remediation and accommodation. Remediation is the building up of weak areas such as the ability to understand phonological principles, including a study of syllable types and morphological awareness. Accommodation is finding ways to accommodate a particular weakness so that a student can perform at their intellectual ability. Examples of accommodations for spelling are allowing the use of phonetic spell checkers or speech to text technology that takes speech and converts it into text. Finding a good balance between remediation and accommodation is never more important than with the issue of spelling.

What you will learn in this class:

  • why people with dyslexia struggle with spelling
  • the best methods for teaching spelling
  • the power of studying morphology and etymology with your dyslexic students
  • 3 simple ways to teach morphology to your students
  • the best accommodations for students with dyslexia
  • how to balance accommodations with remediation

This course includes:

  • video instruction
  • a downloadable audio file
  • a pdf outline
  • a list of relevant links and resources

Here’s How It All Works

Once you purchase a course, you will create a login username and password so that you can have access to the course (or courses) from at any time. This training course comes to you in both video and audio formats that are simple and downloadable.  All courses include a printable outline for note taking and a downloadable audio recording of the class.  You can listen any time, anywhere (and your spouse can listen too.) We are also offering support in a private Facebook group for class attendees only. I know what it is like to be overwhelmed with the task of raising and educating dyslexic kids, so I want to make this simple.  My goal is to make your learning as easy and efficient as possible. That is why each course is delivered in a multimedia format.  Watch and learn from your computer, or download the audio version to your iPad or iPhone. You’ll receive the audio MP3s, PDF summaries, links to resources and access to small group encouragement. This course is based on research-based methods of teaching dyslexics and a plethora of my own unique, personal experience.  This is an opportunity for you to learn what has taken me many years to learn – how to teach dyslexic kids so that they can learn and thrive with tips and strategies along the way. You could use trial and error to learn what this class will teach you or you can sign up and get started on the right path today.