What is Dyslexia? A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Kids About Dyslexia


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Kids are just as susceptible to believing the many erroneous myths about dyslexia as adults.  Too many dyslexic kids believe that there is something wrong with them, or that they really are just lazy or stupid.
Research has shown us that dyslexia is not outgrown.  Dyslexic kids grow into dyslexic adults.
Part of the mission here at Homeschooling With Dyslexia is to educate parents so that they can properly and effectively educated their kids.

Teaching kids about dyslexia is a big part of that.

Many kids with undiagnosed dyslexia suffer from poor self-image and doubts about their abilities .  On the other hand, children who are taught the truths about dyslexia begin to own their unique giftings and with a parents support, begin to grow in confidence.
What’s Inside the Book
What is Dyslexia: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Kids About Dyslexia includes:
  • 64 beautifully  illustrated pages
  • Parents Section: Ideas for using the book and tips for teaching and encouraging kids with dyslexia
  • Facts About Dyslexia:  You and your child may be surprised by how many of the myths you believe.
  • Things That Are Hard For People With Dyslexia:  Dyslexia can affect more than just reading and spelling.
  • What it Can Feel Like to be Dyslexic:  Acknowledging the different feelings our kids have is an important part of helping kids understand dyslexia.
  • Cool Things That People With Dyslexia Can Do:  The structural brain differences that cause a person with dyslexia to struggle with the written word also result in some little-known and unique strengths.

Also available as a PDF download.

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