How to Get Audio Books From Learning Ally

Our kids are back in major audio book listening mode, listening to audio books for long stretches, only surfacing from time to time to eat and play. If you haven’t explored the world of audio books for your dyslexic child yet or are interested, read this post on the best sources for audio books.

One of the best sources for audio books around, is Learning Ally.

At Learning Ally, more than 2,000 volunteers from across the U.S. read novels and textbooks that can be downloaded onto digital devices such as tablets, smart phones and computers.

A unique feature of Learning Ally is VOICEtext, which highlights words as they are read, thereby reinforcing word identification and decoding skills. Users can also customize the recordings to change the speed or screen colors to make it easier to read along.

If you have been unable to access this resource because your kids have never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia, I have good news!

All About Learning, the makers of All About Reading and All About Spelling, can now recommend your child for Learning Ally.

Check it out!

From All About Learning:

We would love to recommend your child for Learning Ally, on the condition that we can verify your child is dyslexic. To find out whether or not your child is eligible for this service, please fill out the “Symptoms of Dyslexia Screening Checklist”. This form can be filled out on your computer by simply clicking the boxes that apply.

Return the checklist to us:
• Email to Merry at , or
• Fax the checklist to us at 877-774-8006

Please include your child’s name, your name, email address, and phone number. As soon as we receive the completed checklist, we will determine if your child qualifies and submit the “Proof of Disability” form to Learning Ally on your child’s behalf.

An annual Learning Ally subscription costs $120 and includes:

Research has shown that reading has powerful affects on the brain.  Reading for kids with dyslexia is hard.  Most people don’t enjoy doing what is hard.  Make reading enjoyable for your kids with dyslexia by giving them access to good quality audio books from sources like Learning Ally!

Get a Discount on Learning Ally

The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op often has discounts up to 42% off the yearly subscription price for Learning Ally.  Click here for more information.