Most people think of dyslexia as some quirky habit of reversing letters and numbers.  There are many different signs of dyslexia in children, especially in the classroom! If you are seeing any of these signs in your kids, it could be dyslexia.

What are some common signs of dyslexia in children?

This simple infographic details 10 of the most common signs of dyslexia that are noticeable in the classroom.

Here are 10 Common signs of dyslexia in school.  Because dyslexia affects so many different areas of learning, it is critical for parents and teachers to understand dyslexia.   HomeschoolingwithDyslexia #signsofdyslexia #classroomteaching #specialneeds #dyslexia #homeschooling


How to know if your child has dyslexia

If your child has 3 or more of these dyslexia symptoms and a close family member with dyslexia, it is likely that your child is dyslexic.  As you can see, dyslexia affects more than letter reversals.  Dyslexia can affect many areas of learning, including:

  • reading
  • spelling
  • writing
  • handwriting
  • math
  • attention
  • organization
  • social skills

For a complete list of signs of dyslexia in the teen and adult years, visit our Dyslexia FAQs page.

Understanding what these signs of dyslexia mean

Because dyslexia affects so many different areas of learning, it is critical for parents and teachers to understand dyslexia.  Since receiving our oldest son’s dyslexia diagnosis almost 20 years ago, we have learned a ton about dyslexia, including what works and what doesn’t work.  I created my parent dyslexia classes to share what I’ve learned over the past 20 years of teaching my own 7 kids with dyslexia.  Learn

To learn more about dyslexia, consider taking our Parent Dyslexia Class #1 Understanding Dyslexia:

firstcourseimageIn Course One of the Parent Dyslexia Courses you will learn:

  • To more fully understand the many facets of the dyslexic mind
  • To understand how dyslexics learn and methods you can implement today to dramatically improve learning
  • To be aware of the other areas affected by dyslexia
  • To better understand and nurture the seldom mentioned, inherent strengths of the dyslexic mind

You will leave this course feeling educated and empowered to help the dyslexic people in your life.  You will be able to reject the myths and embrace the strengths associated with dyslexia so your kids can live and learn freely.


How our Parent Dyslexia Classes Work

All of our online parent education courses come to you in both video and audio formats that are simple to use.  Each course includes a printable outline for note taking and a downloadable audio recording of the class.  You can listen anytime, anywhere (and your spouse can listen too.)

We are also offering support in our private Facebook group for class attendees only.

I know what it is like to be overwhelmed with the task of raising and educating dyslexic kids, so I want to make this simple.  My goal is to make your learning as easy and efficient as possible.

You’ll receive MP3s, PDF summaries, links to resources and access to small group encouragement.

This course is based on research-based methods of teaching dyslexics and a plethora of my own unique, personal experience.  This is an opportunity for you to learn what has taken me many years to learn – how to teach dyslexic kids so that they can learn and thrive with tips and strategies along the way.

You could buy the top 10 dyslexia books and use trial and error to learn what this class will teach you or you can sign up and get started on the right path today.

Visit our Parent Dyslexia Course page for more information on this and our other courses.