Using Games to Improve Memory and Learning

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Kids who are smart but struggle to learn often have underlying weaknesses in their working memory. Here are some simple games that can be played at home to improve memory.

Working memory is the ability to hold pieces of information in your mind (remembering) while using those same pieces of information to perform some task (working). A child’s level of working memory has a major impact on academic success. Low working memory results in poor academic success.

Learn more about working memory and how it affects learning here.

Thankfully, working memory can be improved.

Last week I attended a mind-blowing online conference from Dr. Carol Brown from Equipping Minds.

She has developed a program backed by research that uses the increasingly complex use of simple games to build working memory and strengthen cognitive skills.

Homeschool, private, and public school parents, educators, and therapists are implementing the Equipping Minds brain training games with their students using a deck of cards and common household items! You can play with your family, friends, and grandparents at home and online.

Other Learning Skills Helped by Playing Games

Playing these games with a deck of cards can increase:

Thinking Skills
Executive Functioning, and
Social Skills

Household Items for Memory Games

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe on Two Game Boards

Correcting Errors When Playing Games

Games to Build Thinking and Executive Function Skills

The following handout has more games, explanations, and a schedule to follow.

These videos were recorded for a local homeschool group. You can follow the Equipping Minds YouTube Channel for more videos from Dr.Brown.

I’m excited to introduce Dr. Brown to you. She has a HUGE heart to help our kids who struggle. Does your family play games? How could you implement these game ideas into your home or homeschool?


  1. Dianne Frothingham

    Thank you so much for the uTube videos by Dr Carol Brown. Some of the best on line teaching I have seen!

  2. Josh

    I think its great to know that games can help our dyslexics. Sometimes it is nice to know you can take a break from formal teaching and just focus on games to help their brainpower.

  3. Sher

    We started Equipping’ Minds just 45 days ago and it has been incredible! This is a game changer. If you try one thing new this year make it Equipping Minds! Thank you Carol Brown!


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