Do you struggle with fine arts in your homeschool? Here are some ways to teach fine arts in your homeschool!

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Welcome to the last day of our 5-day series on homeschooling With Dyslexia by the Subject.  I recommend reading the entire series from the beginning so you can learn more about the general ways that dyslexic students learn best.  You can read the whole series from the beginning by clicking here.

We’ve covered the biggies like language artsmathhistory and science but what about art?  How do we teach our dyslexic kids art, music and such.  Fortunately, these right-brained creative types don’t seem to struggle with jumping in and learning about art.  They are generally gifted in this area.

Teaching art through the ages

In the younger years, we always made the habit of having plentiful art and crafting supplies within easy reach of our kids.  We did a lot of nature journaling.  Not being a crafty person myself and having way too high a regard for clean floors, I have relegated the crafting sessions, for the most part, to Bible Study classes and church.  They do a better job than I can do anyway.

As my kids got older and the appeal of colored pencils and pens, stickers and glitter glue began to wane, I started looking for a more structured approach to teaching art.  We really hit the jackpot when we discovered See the Light art curriculum!

See the Light Art Projects are 4-lesson DVDs that contain step-by-step instruction on how to create wonderful works of art in various styles of famous artists.

The DVDs are geared for kids ages 10+ but our enthusiastic, artistic 9 year-old thoroughly enjoyed the class as well.

Moms will love that each Art Project DVD comes with a complete list of materials needed to complete the project, making preparation quick and easy.  Older students will appreciate each project’s focus on Art History, Art Elements and Art Principles with Biblical themes woven into every lesson.  Dyslexic students will benefit from the video lessons that tap into their innate visual strengths.

For more information, visit the See the Light web site by clicking on the image below:


Do you struggle with fine arts in your homeschool? Here are some ways to teach fine arts in your homeschool!