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We’re coming up from the wrapping paper and cookie crumbs over here and beginning to get back to our normal routine.  I hope your family has enjoyed the holidays!  As we approach the new year, I am thinking a lot about last year and everything we’ve learned and yet to learn.

Our community here at Homeschooling With Dyslexia is growing and I am blessed beyond measure to be able to share what I have learned with you as we make this dyslexia journey together.

I’ve got some new classes, a new {children’s} book and a few more surprises planned for the new year!

For now, as we visit with out of town guests and celebrate a late December birthday, I’ll leave you with some of the best of the best – the top 10 most visited posts of 2015 from Homeschooling With Dyslexia.

How to Teach Sight Words to Kids With Dyslexia

This short video of me teaching sight words to my 8 year old son has been wildly popular.  This simple method involves sight, sound and touch to make learning (and remembering) sight words easy!


If you haven’t taken a dyslexia simulation yet, you are missing a critical component to understanding the dyslexic people in your life.

Dyslexia Mastering Math

Many people with dyslexia also struggle with math.  This post is full of teaching tricks and curriculum suggestions for teaching math to kids with dyslexia.


100 Resources for Teaching Kids With Dyslexia

One of the main reasons that I started this site, was to help other families avoid products and services that just. don’t. work.  This is an ever growing list of my favorite dyslexia resources.

How to Teach Kids With Dyslexia

This is a short series on teaching kids with dyslexia to read.  No wonder it is popular!

natural treatment ADHD

I often feel like dealing with our kids ADD and ADHD is harder than helping them learn to read.  Here is my number one most effective method for helping my kids with attention issues.

Things That Won't Help With Dyslexia

How many of these 5 things that won’t help your child with dyslexia are you doing?

homeschool dyslexia

Learn the 8 things that I do every day with my dyslexic kids that help create a positive and nurturing learning environment.

dyslexia testing

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive each week.  Should we get our kids tested for dyslexia and, if so, how?

Fluency is such an important skill for reading because without it, comprehension suffers.  Learn these techniques for building fluency in your dyslexic readers.

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Happy New Year!